Probability and Statistics


1. Introduction to probability and statistics (E1)

Week 1———–1.1 Probability rules.
Week 2———–1.2 Random variables and Probability Models (PDF and CDF).
Week 3———–1.3 Random sampling and expected values.
Week 4———–1.4 Sampling Distribution and the CLT.

2. Inference (E2)

Week 5-6———2.1 Descriptive statistics.
Weeks 7-9——-2.2 Inferential statistics.
Weeks 10——–2.3 Bayesian inference.

3. Computational experimental designs (E3)

Week 11———3.1 Experimental design.
Weeks 12-14—3.2 Hypothesis tests for algorithm analysis.
Week 15-16—–3.3 Algorithm analysis project

Course grading Policy

The components of the course grade for each evaluation are:

Course administration

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  3. Labs downloading: L1-L4, L5-L10, L11-L16

  4. Labs submission: see instructions.

  5. Exams schedule on Fridays:
    E1-W5, E2-W11, E3-W14.

  6. Labs schedule on Mondays:

    • L1-W1, L2-W2, L3-W3, L4-W4, L5-W5, L6-W6, L7-W7, L8-W8, L9-W9, L10-W10, L11-W11, L12-W12, L13-W13, L14-W14, L15-W15, L16-W16.

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