Data Mining


  1. Introduction to machine learning
    Week 1———–1.1 Data mining, big data analytics and data science.
    Week 1———–1.2 Machine Learning.
    Week 1———–1.3 Learning: supervised, unsupervised, by reinforcement
  2. Supervised learning
    Week 2———–2.1 Nearest neighbors.
    Weeks 3-4——-2.2 Decision tree.
    Weeks 5-6——-2.3 Bayesian classification.
    Week 7———–2.4 Rule-Based classification. Rought sets.
    Week 7———–2.5 Other classification techniques. SVM.
  3. Unsupervised learning
    Weeks 8-9——-3.1 Partitional clustering. Kmeans algorithm.
    Week 10———3.2 Hierarchical clustering. Agglomerative algorithms.
  4. Association techniques
    Weeks 11-12—4.1 Apriori algorithm.
    Week 13———4.2 Association rules generation algorithms.
  5. Reinforcement learning
    Week 14———5.1 Markov chain.
    Week 14———5.2 Theoretical foundation of SARSA algorithm.
    Weeks 15-16—5.3 SARSA algorithm.

Course Grading Policy The components of the course grade for each evaluation are:

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